I write about stuff I find interesting. I started a blog back in 2006 or so. For the last couple of years, I have been mostly writing on social science and all the things that are wrong with it, as well as posting about my own work that hopefully avoids the most obvious issues. No one is perfect, it goes without saying.

I also have a Youtube channel featuring overly long videos, in the Youtube algorithm’s opinion, on science.

I am not generally interested in party politics. I guess you could call me right-wing under the de facto definition of not being left wing, but I am not particularly conservative nor a libertarian. In general, my political leanings are more grey tribe as put forwards in this essay by Jacob Falkovich. TL;DR my outgroup is the left-liberal progressive cluster that has dominated the western world since about the 1960s and the intellectual world since 1920 or so. My preferred political label is transhumanist. I like scientific rationalism (i.e. quantified autism), and liberal democracy with strong freedom of speech. I dislike monopolies and authoritarianism. I am pretty alright with the Sillycon Valley rationalism cluster.

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