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Interesting discussion. Thanks for taking my question

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Regarding the Flynn Effect, Woodley of Menie had created a video presentation in which he found the physical location of the Flynn Effect in the human brain - a region of the brain in the lymbic system that has been growing over time, a region associated with memory formation.

Regarding Jewish eugenic trends, what about the Kevin MacDonald idea of the religious practice of the community pairing the best Jewish male scholars with the daughters of the most successful Jewish businessmen, and then ensuring these couples had higher fertility than the rest? There is also Charles Murray's article "Jewish Genius": https://www.commentary.org/articles/charles-murray/jewish-genius/

A thought: around 7,000 years ago, Indo-Europeans spread out from the Caucasus and spread Westward, but also Eastward as far as India, increasing the genetic quality of the local populations, such as by creating the Brahman class of India. Is it possible that these Indo-European migrants could have also spread to the Israeli lands and provided part of the more advanced DNA required to form the original local population that invented Judaism?

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