I really like this long style of book review.

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Thanks for this review. I admire your patience to wade through the woke nonsense which seems to saturate the whole book. I guess you can call it a 'good book', despite this if you can distinguish the incorrect information from the correct one. Otherwise, this book seems like one that you can't trust.

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It's probably simply sunburn, rather than risk of skin cancer, that drives evolution of darker skin. Seems like a minor problem, but so does lactose malabsorption, and lactose tolerance has spready quickly enough.

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- Aryan is actually term which that means Indo-Iranian not Indo-European.


- Light hair is indirectly related to Anatolian Farmers. Real factors are Germanic and Finnish ancestry.


- Kossina had some wrong ideas. He thought proto-Indo-european's homeland was in schleswig-holstein.


I know this region is very important for you.



But genetic evidences suggest eastern europe.


- Many people have kind of obsession about skin colour. You can see online right wingers who write ancient greeks, romans or ancient egyptians were like nordic people.


- Immigrants are very bad. It seems there is some exceptions.


Nevertheless you can be happy. Europe is still homogenous place compared to India or Brazil or Africa.


-There is no much difference in pgs. But psychometric variation is large.

* Kenya = 75

*Ghana= 58

* Nigeria = 68

* Igbo majority Enugu city = 85

source : Lynn, R., & Becker, D. (2019)

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Great article, thanks

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I enjoyed this very much. I, also, hope someone contacts these authors about mistakes. They may have no choice, as truth in some areas today is considered heretical.

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