There will surely be mentally ill people who bandwagon onto an illness like this, but we already know from MECFS research that a subset of people who come down with a viral infection will have a long term post viral illness so this was predicted to happen after Covid

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I dont buy that crap of mind-body dualism. Psychosomatic symptoms, PTSD-like symptoms after being intubated, the death fear that the media put in the head of infected people, etc creates a real mental health issue with real biological reciprocity and viceversa.

I do believe long-covid (for the most part) its a mental health issue but that doesnt make it less real.

Also post viral syndromes can presented with different clinical phenotypes in people with autoimmune disorders, chronic kidney diseases, allergic diseases, etc . So perhaps the "real" long covid that you talk about (Real being something not mind related to you) can be found in those populations or those with chronic anosmia (chronic anosmia being a proxy indicator for neurological damage and inflammation in the CNS). In real clinical practice i have seen flares of autoimmune disorders (Which can cause "brain fog" when there is increase of inflamatory markers) and worsen of kidney function in CKD population but that doesnt mean that we should called that "long covid" unless it have a clinical or epidemiological practicity.

Also, after every upper and lower respiratory infection comes the potential of atopic like symptoms for example chronic cough, hypereactivity of lower airways, etc but again that doesnt needs to be called "long covid".

I belive there´s going on a mass histeria and overdiagnosis in the matter and medics are naming things that already exist "long covid".

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Um...No. Mind/Body dualism is a well studied and proven science. We can in fact, "think" ourselves sick. The brain cannot differentiate between a real motion and imagined motion, a real emotion or an imagined emotion. Mind/Body dualism is the VERY basis for psychological torture. "Gaslighting" if you prefer.

US Navy SEAL team candidates are taught to overcome the brains confusion of what it real and imagined danger. They learn to suppress the "flight" mechanism of fear.

It is established science that elderly couples develop strong mental bonds that when broken by the death of one partner, can trigger a cascade effect of health decline due to depression. The other partner can die within a few months, weeks, days or even hours of the other. Simply through grief.

Now take people consumed by fear for months to years - give them a set of symptoms to look for - and they can manifest them - or at the least - believe they have manifested them.

Psychosomatic illness of established science.

But there is also the effect of actual clinical symptoms caused by the damage the spike protein causes in the system - specifically the endothelium. Lodging itself in the endothelial wall can lead to all kinds of other systematic disruptions.

Then add if the person was only introduced to the spike protein via an mRNA vaccine using lipid nanoparticles. Now you have the added compound of the LN traveling throughout the body, possibly breaking the brain barrier.

I believe true "long covid" is extremely rare in healthy people who were never vaccinated. I think the vast majority are a combination of low grade post viral syndrome / spike damage combined with psychosomatic illness.

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Mmm i dont agree with the first part... I mean, first of all, from a epistemiological point of view something being thoroughly studied doesnt mean that the subject in matter is proven.

Also i dont understand why you assert that is a "proven science". Mind/Body dualism is a methaphysical argument/position regarding the cartesian mind/body problem and not a science in itself (Unless you are kant, ok maybe not). We can approach the cartesian mind/body problem (And other arguments for the cause from Leibniz to modern psychologist and contemporary neuroscientifics) from different perspectives, frameworks and sciences.

Having said that, the examples you mentioned to support you argument("Gaslighting", US navy seals training, the elderly couples bond and the chronic fear consumed people) doesnt prove that the mind and body are separated entities (A core argument in mind/body dualism). Actually, from my perspective, they prove that mind affects the body and the body affects the mind because they share the same organic and material root, they share molecular mechanisms and are one unit and not two separated entities one residing in a inmaterial world. Every example you give imply that the mind acted first on the body but you cant prove that from those examples, i mean that implies that the "energy" to cause those effects come from a external realm where the mind exists and not in the neural networks.

How does one totally autonomous ontological realm acts on the other, how does one inmaterial and non-physical mind translates to real material, organic effects like those you mentioned (Supression of flight/fear mechanism, cascade effect on health, psychosomatic symptoms)? The most logical explanation is that there is not such thing as a mind world and that everything resides in the same ontological realm. For example, fybromialgia was always taken as a psychological or functional brain disease if you will but recent studies shows a correlation with inflamatory, inmunological and autonomic phenomena creating a problem to the mind/body dualism theory. Are they really two separates entities that resides one and the other on different realms? I dont think so and i dont believe that the cartesian dualism is a proven notion actually i think that if you approach it critically you will find a lot of evidence that goes the other way.

The reason why mind/body dualism is still alive today is because the traditional medical paradigm resides in the biomedical model that is reductionist and makes a separation of the mind and body and then again tries to reduct the body to individual systems and not integral ones. Today there is a change in the traditional paradigm from different fronts, for example there is a new emergent subspecialty of cardionephrology trying to bring together 2 clinical specialties for a more integral understanding of the body and the diseases of those once individual systems. (Im sure you know one and the other are extremely closely related)

Changing the subject a little bit, there is definitely endothelial damage, blood-brain barrier damage and a molecular effect of spike protein in different receptors and targets. Perhaps the true "long covid" is more common in vaccinated healthy people than in unvaccinated healthy ones, its definitely interesting.

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The mind/body connection is a thoroughly researched area of neurobiology..

I didn't mean to say that the mind and body are separate things. I mean the exact opposite. The brain controls the body - they are connected through the neural network.

THAT is the established science.

So, if one can "think" themselves sick, they can "think" themselves well again. To a degree. Obviously this doesn't work with actual physical deterioration from things like cancer, liver/kidney/lung/heart disease, COPD etc.

But things like depression, OCD, phobias? Absolutely.

No healthy child is born with depression, OCD or a phobia. They developed through external trauma - real or imagined.

Yes, some cases of OCD, phobias or depression can be manifested from other underlying mental disorders such as schizophrenia, catatonia, aspergers, autism etc. But these are not the majority.

I dated a therapist for 5 years who specialized in phobias, OCD etc and the majority of her cases were psychosomatic. ALL of the patients believed they had other medical illnesses ranging from Bubonic Plague to a fear of air.

They could literally think themselves sick with actual manifested symptomology that would send them to the hospital. Yet, medical test after medical test would result in a negate result for the manifested illness.

I do not get into metaphysical or theological theories in this manner. Only the concrete. The testable.

Religion or the existence of God has no place in the topic of medical science. That's a completely different subject.

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To the tune of "Three Little Maids" / "She Hates Me": a singer steps into the spotlight and the musical begins.

COVIDIA: Who's Tourettical, not autistical?

Could it be meee?"

A powerful backing choir joins in.

CHORUS: Shit, fuck, shit shit fuck fuck, tampons.

Inappropriate talk about rust-brown used tampons.

COVIDIA: I - have - a recovered memory

of being anorexically sex-trafficked to Satan,

I think by my third step-daddy,

before I caught Lyme Disease.

I - have - a recovered memory

of multiple personalities

named Gail and Dave and Hogwarts,

and self-diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome.

I- have - a recovered memory

of trying to burn a witch who turned out

far too damp; I got cumulative trauma though.

So there is always that...

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The university of Mainz, Germany, did the Gutenberg Covid Study. A presentation (in German, Dec 2021) about the Long Covid results is available here (I do not know if the results have been published elsewhere):


Some results:

- Around 40% of participants who had Covid, and knew it, reported "long Covid" symptoms

- Around 40% of participants who had Covid, and didn't know it, reported "long Covid" symptoms

- Around 40% of participants who did not have Covid, reported "long Covid" symptoms

And 40% means 35% of men, and 45% of women.

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Jun 29, 2022·edited Jun 29, 2022

this Atlantic piece effectively shows that long COVID is minor. by disability, etc.

the writer is very much committed to long COVID. but his data isn't


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Long Covid is, quite obviously, due to the mRNA injections.

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let's go one logical step back: if there is no covid just a regular flu season (or 3) renamed, then there is neither long or short covid. But what there is, is hard data on the job the injections do. Official German data (AOK DRG codes) shows that some diseases have increased twenty-fold from 2019 to 2021. For instance breast cancer and heart problems. Not 2 or 20% but 200%.

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And Lyme disease is hysteria and tomatoes are poisonous. Journalists: put the doctors that now know a lot about long covid in the Semmelweis asylum.

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