This implies that you'd at some point end up with a scenario where unqualified black officers senselessly beat a black man. Oh wait...

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Let's not forget this case: Somalian police officer in Minnesota kills unarmed woman who calls 911. This is what happens when you hire unqualified people in the name of diversity.


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Meanwhile, there's lot of higher IQ blacks using affirmative action etc. to get jobs more prestigious than police officer.

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I'm not against ending AA for police officers, but I think its a sideshow.

The real problem is nobody with options would want to be a police officer in the inner city from the late 1960s onward. It's particularly acute now.

As such, it's pretty much the dregs that apply. And if you're policing the inner city your pool of local applicants is going to skew black anyway. It's not like if you got rid of civil rights law a bunch of high IQ white applicants are going to want to break up knife fights over who dissed who at a party.

You aren't going to get a better applicant pool for inner city policing until it's a better deal. And it's not going to be a better deal given current circumstances.

Look, inner city blacks are just the worst. You basically need to crack their skulls if they look at you crosswise if you want to keep them in line. We kept inner city black crime under control before the civil rights act because ethnic white cops gave them severe physical punishments when they acted out of line. Everyone knew this would happen so they didn't even think of causing trouble.

This was its own issue and civil rights was supposed to fix it, but it turned out there really isn't an equilibrium where you give high concentrations of urban violent low IQ young men a bunch of "rights" and still keep them under control.

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They didn't lower standards for diversity. They lowered standards because they didn't have enough staff.

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is there any data about demography/race of polices who related violent events?

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It's not just general mental ability.

Warrior gene variants with an increased inclination for dealing with conflict through aggression and increased attentional arousal to cues of non-agreement.

Incompetence is desired and selected for. The dissolution of the police forces has been a thing now for a while. Allowing rabid dogs to destroy property and incur destruction, unfortunately.

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