So if I understand it correctly, the expected value of a child's IQ will be the simple average of mother's and father's IQ, plus a little scoop of regression in the direction of IQ 100 (the mean)?

Is this actually true? Is the (pre-regression) IQ of the children a simple arithmetic mean of the parents'?

Which value for "additive heritability" is realistic?

Also, and importantly, what is the standard deviation on said expected value of the children's IQ? I'd intuitively expect it to be a function of the gap between the mother's and the father's IQ. I.e. two people of IQ 120 are much less likely to give birth to an outlier, than say a couple combining IQ 90 and IQ 150. Do we have any statistical data and calculation method for this?

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Cool. Thanks. Any other recommendations for teaching yourself R? About to jump into coding and looking for advice.

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