I downloaded the audio, no idea about the transcript. Here you go, Emil: https://tinyurl.com/3tta7kjt

Link will expire after a day.

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Maître! Upload it outside tech bros ecosystems, svp ! There's people actively not using them for various privacy and information quality reasons and purposes. In Canada , there's people that boycott them even if they don't understand the reasons, just because there's an strong arm competition with the legal system, that tries to mitigate their aggressive scraping and re-use of external generated content.

Between paywall and links to this algorithmic regurgitating ecosystems, it's getting tiring to bother about anything.

2.5 hours of audio would benefit from a summary and a timestamp correlated script based on sub- topics.

To increase the remote chance to be listened to (that's my available time in 2 days- highly competitive with just listening to "Kind of Blue".

Candidly yours from Montréal.

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Use yt-dlp. There are options to download the audio only. Read the man (manual) page.

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