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If we can get one or two of the major genetic enhancement technologies (e.g.human in vitro gametogenesis, cloning, iterated embryo selection, or multiplex gene editing ) to work and be affordable, we might see an extreme divergence with strange social/economic/political implications. The super-geniuses will rise to the top and probably find solutions to our problems, especially if they end up a decent portion of the population. AI is a huge wildcard too.

Doomers should consider research in this area the highest moral priority, especially over waging culture war over current events.

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damn, that was a very negative review of the book 💀💀💀

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So Dutton completely ignores embryo selection, an obvious and realistic solution to the problem he points to, fails to do the slightest investigation of the right-wing generation Zoomer meme, fails to demonstrate that America is getting more religious, and makes grandiose predictions that could be a parody of someone who likes to make grandiose predictions.

Well that's Dutton for you. A right-wing version of a gender theorist or white privilege scholar. In an earlier book, he posits that the West lost capacity to produce technology because the Concorde was discontinued, while ignoring that the last few decades have seen massive technological improvements in chips, genetics and medicine, among other areas.

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This book seems like a strange mix of the perceptive and the delusional.

"Industrial Revolution. Darwinian selection massively weakened, meaning that, for the first time in history, the selfish, sick and stupid could survive and reproduce, undermining our religious, group-oriented culture. Now the West is scourged by an epidemic of narcissists, competing to signal their individuality and moral superiority. But their ‘fight for equality’ is really a fight for self-promotion."

Now that is a damned good characterisation! Characterisation of the havoc that its narcissistic 'highly educated' intelligentsia has wreaked upon the West.

But as for smart-arsed predicting how the future will unfold? This is - and always has been - silly mind-games. Intellectual vanity. https://grahamcunningham.substack.com/p/invasion-of-the-virtue-signallers

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So your only argument against this doomer worldview is Embryo Selection and we both know that this isn‘t going to be implemented on a wide enough scale

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Embryo selection won‘t save us as:

1. It needs more research to be practical and affordable

2. The population gets dumber and more conservative/religious = strictly against messing with human life. God will fix it.

3. Still in a leftist influence who regard Eugnics as strictly nazi science

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