I stopped giving to Wikipedia years ago because of these problems. I still use it, but don't consider it a reliable source for any technical (political, historical, or scientific) information that could possibly be touched by wokeness.

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How about we stop using Wikipedia and use the alternative, Infogalactic? Too simple?

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I edited wiki and by 2018 the commies had booted me. They protect democrats at all costs.

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Being Jewish is a religion not a genetic trait. No one, not one person on this planet evolved into being Jewish, much like how no one evolved into being a Christian or Muslim. Enough said.

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I rarely use Wikipedia and will now wonder if that is a liability, well, maybe if we judge me by this current crazy lending everything from the future civilization.

So is this special Jew considered the thirteenth tribe? God must've missed them then.

Now I have had to listen to a few people over my life that would blame everything on Jews in general (never listened to a N A Z I I don't think), and I always conclude these complainers haven't been harmed and should be paying more attention to themselves first. Got to type such things when on this topic.

I view the God's Chosen People ordeal as the first administrators of the Sumerian King's rule of hierarchies above the Dunbar Number. Administrator learning habits that carried forward time and again, so I don't buy the 1850 date.

These administrators are just taught these expressions that are seemingly smart in this paradigm. They are good at civilization, great at civilization on steroids.

Now, a long read of the Holy Bible and it becomes apparent the flaw of hierarchies always collapsing from the overuse of resources. You know, beat your plowshares that don't work anymore into swords and take the neighbor's stuff (sound familiar wanting Russian regime change?).

I don't know how long this current civilization will last, but as it does we should thank God the Jews don't want the rest of us as slaves who own nothing.

I am still curious as to what the Twelve other tribes are thinking...

Probably a little to woke here so I will go back to the gardening topic, fascinating take on Wiki operations. Those old dictionaries will probably be banned and burned at some point - a signal the collapse is near.

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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022

Eventually what will happen is that someone will revert all the woke changes wholesale. We will have to start anew from a non-woke branch cause no organization has the time to filter all the bullshit that has been produced in the last decade or so.

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