I like how you wrote this combo review.

IMO wokeness is the natural result of diversity. Liberalism fails in diverse countries because it can't deal with tribalism. Minorities are woke because it serves their collective interests. For example dual citizenship german turks vote for leftist parties in german elections but for the islamist nationalist Erdogan in turkish elections.

The ethnic majority would oppose this but they are initially divided by normal political divides and by the time they start to realize the problem any attempt to organize them as an ethnic group of interest is made de facto illegal.

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Hanania is a vile individual. I wouldn't be in a hurry to endorse anything he has written no matter how truthful it may be. Unsubscribed

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Rich Hanania and Chris Rufo are low-IQ libertarians (failed economic ideology) who support Israel's genocide of Gazans. I'm surprised they can tie their own shoes.

"Wokeness", "Cultural Marxism" and the other products of the Frankfurt school were created to destroy the left not the right https://mronline.org/2022/07/06/the-cia-the-frankfurt-schools-anti-communism/. (Frances Stonor's "The Cultural Cold War" is another great resource).

The tl;dr is that the people with all the money put a bunch of money into co-opting leftism/socialism/Marxism to cultivate a "non-Communist left" or "cultural left". A "woke" is left very effective at diverting mostly youthful leftist energy into social justice causes that don't ultimately threaten the capitalist order at all. The current state of the American left is very disorganized and cares much more about "social justice" than it would have otherwise. Why do we see "woke" advocacy everywhere but no advocacy for nationalization of banking, workers rights, removal of economic rent or any other Marxist cause? Why did the Ford foundation fund both the Frankfurt school and the Nazis? "Wokeness" is a diversion to pacify the left not to destroy the right.

Conservatives are chronically allergic to criticizing capitalism (look at Rich Hanania's reader survey. His readers worship capitalism). If you would simply open your mind and look at the facts it's obvious that "wokeness" is a byproduct of a confused, misled and disorganized left who hardly understand socialism. Of course Rich and Chris either know this, but can't say it because it would give credence to Marxism, or they really are just that dumb, it's hard to say.

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One point: I don't think whites felt guilty about blacks at all during the Civil Rights movement when racial quotas, welfare, racial justice NGOs, community organizers, basketball courts, etc. were created – in general, the establishment of entitlements.

Blacks were rioting all over the place in the 60s. Johnson's Great Society expediency was accompanied by rhetoric projecting an image of benevolence to counter Cold War accusations of racism. The guilt bit was tacked on after the fact to make whites feel not so cowardly.

Teachable moment: Blacks learned that whites can be intimidated into coughing up money through violence, or threats of.

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>Wait it out? The fertility of communists is quite low, so one can wait it out. In theory. Recent arrivals from other countries make this process slower. This is the Ed Dutton Byzantium approach.

The mutational pressure is currently larger than the selection pressure, so waiting will just give more leftists.

I agree with sacking academia but not just because it's a bastion of mentally ill people, rather because it's a waste of money.

There is research showing the increase in academia from 1960 explains at most 3% of the rise of leftism, so this statement

>"On the other hand, the average supporter's intelligence may not matter so much if the intelligentsia of society leans strongly one way. That is of course what we see, among the intellectual elites of Western society -- the priest class --, conservatives are hard to find. This is an application of smart fraction theory to politics and it's probably largely correct."

Insofar as it is a statement of Cathedral theory, the idea that academia is sovereign, is incorrect.

Also there is a fallacy in that statement. If the political camps have identical IQ distributions, then the intellectual elite of society are equally conservative and leftist. Professors are an unimportant subset of the intellectual elite who are selected on other traits like obsession with useless topics, aversion to making money, often verbal tilts in the most leftist fields (more quantitative fields are more conservative, and verbal tilts are correlated with mental illness we know are increased by mutational load).

So in general to fix the problem, we need to take power over these people because a democracy will just continue to slide left. But once power is taken we need genetic interventions or else it will likely last 3 generations or less, like the Julio-Claudian dynasty, the USSR, etc

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If people didn't have woke ideas they would not have been able to interpret/twist the laws in the way they did, nor would it be so hard for the people to change the law.

Then once its law there is a feedback mechanism where wokeness is rewarded legally and anti-wokeness is punished legally. People notice this incentive system and come up with what rationalizations they need to co-exist with that incentive structure. Often they can't tell they are rationalizing, they become true believers, which provides more energy for the system.

I would describe Rufo as describing the reason/motivation for being anti-woke and Hanania as describing the means to be anti-woke. One without the other is useless.

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Both books are well wide of the mark because they both miss out what is by far the biggest ingredient of Woke (and any other kind of mass intoxication)....the groupthink PSYCHOLOGY of millions of ordinary people. (And ESPECIALLY those who have been through the university sheep-dip.)

'Great' thinkers - Marcuse, Gramsci etc or megalomaniac leaders - Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc........ Dark as those stories are, the truth is darker still....these demons would have been nothing without the tens/hundreds of millions of groupthinking, favour-seeking, grudge-bearing 'ordinary folk' seduced by their snake oil.

People wanting to be political leaders and people who want to sell books fight shy of acknowledging this because it's more flattering to blame it all on a few bogeymen. https://grahamcunningham.substack.com/p/are-we-making-progress

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“Why did Hanania write the book? Well, it's common knowledge that Hanania thinks conservatives are stupid. He is right in one sense and wrong in another. On average, there's not much difference in intelligence on average. On the other hand, the average supporter's intelligence may not matter so much if the intelligentsia of society leans strongly one way.”

Of course that’s the sense I mean it in, I know about group differences obviously.

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There may well be a some truth in the commenter"s claim that the likes of the Ford Foundation et al were using the" cultural" aspect as an anti Marxist move during the 60s .But what has happened since then?The utter failure of Marxism/communism in every country on the planet, mass immigration impacting on the lowest skilled workers, mostly white but also black too. One example the complete replacement of white and black meat processing workers across the US by Latinos, illegal mostly because of a 50c to 75c per hour lower wage. Brutal work obviously but pay packets ceased going into so many poor white and black households. While the asymmetry between the educational outcomes of the different races became more and more obvious. Now we have the business class and the "woke" cohorts virtually on the same page with DEI, ESG, critical race theory alongside the long standing affirmative action racket that acts simply as anti white imperatives. A shakedown of whites and those who have no wider family and friends in their hour of need end up as societies trash to the glee of so many.

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I'm happy you've reviewed both books. I have them and am getting to them. I try to read in the order I bought books. It's an OCD thing. I think I will like Hanania's best because it seems like he may have some solutions. I don't think Conservatives are stupid, either. However, I do think they need more thought leaders. People with less emotion and more action. Sometimes, I can't tell them apart from progressives. It bothers me, but I don't feel a disdain for poor, working class Conservatives like Hanania seems to have.

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"Woke" is just bonobophilia. Bonobos are ruderals in UAST Theory. The human historical cycle is Stress Tolerator spread, Competitor conquest, Ruderal boom bust, Stress Tolerator spread.


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