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Re. Ken Binmore - Game Theory - A Very Short Introduction

So... your university wants to close some (humanities) department?

Excerpt from David M. Buss - Evoltuionary Psychology

"Don't be evil" then again maybe not...

Norman Swartz and Raymond Bradley's Possible Worlds finally available

Heinlein on time travel

Quote: Heinlein "Time Enough for Love"


Classical predicate logic and empty domains

Are contradictions meaningful?

So maybe Kant wasn't such a nice guy anyway...

Pyrrho on "Why are endangered species worth preserving?"

Paper: David Makinson, The paradox of the preface

Pyrrho on the Trolley Problem

Propositions, cross-world identity and truth values

Bachelors and essential properties

Quote: (maybe) Aristotle

Even more bad puns

More junk wordplays

Philosoraptor tiem!

Kennethamy on boring books and learning

“garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO) and deduction

Something about Moore's 'paradox'

Analysis of top 200 (199) data from the Starcraft 2 European ladder

Ben Burgis on the Liar paradox and other related paradoxes

Re: The future of the music industry

"The periodic table of irrational nonsense"

Karl Popper - "Science: Conjectures and Refutations"

The web of belief approach: The case with Newton's physics and relativity

What does “begging the question” mean?

An examination of randomness in Heroes of Newerth

The contagiosity of meaninglessness - formalised for propositional logic

Sentence theories of truth, meaningless sentences and untrue sentences

Less activity

A dissimilarity between “believe” and “know”

Fallacy of All objections defeated

Link: Why Norwegian is the easiest language for English speakers to learn

New page: My Language use

Thoughts and speculations about webs of belief

Monist sentence theory and modal truths

Worth reading: The Streisand Effect

Quote from SEP on Pornography and Censorship

An analogy between webs of belief and evolutionary peaks

Translating “x believe(s) in y” into “x believes that z”

Ad: Rip - A Remix Manifesto

Necessary beings, a different counter-example

Quine's On What There Is

The phrases “I cannot find ...” and “I couldn't find ...” and willful possibility

The phrase “so-called ...” and the correct use of language without knowing the conditions for correct use

Norman Swartz on the omniword "thing"

"This Here Hand Is My Hand, I Think"

The bible and suicide - a solution

Similarity between PWS and predicate logic

The Myth of Morality and interpretation

Seneca the younger on suicide, letter 70 and 77

Pyrrho on higher level inductions

A note about modal collapse

“Do you still beat your wife?” formalized