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Women, taxes and voting

Studies using national IQs for predicting immigration outcomes

New paper out: Racial and ethnic group differences in the heritability of intelligence: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Pesta et al 2020)

Figlio et al 2017 race Scarr-Rowe results

New paper out: Smart and Poor, or Rich and Dull? A U.S. County-Level Analysis of the Relationship between IQ and Presidential-Election Voting Behavior

New paper out: Race Differences: A Very Brief Review

Magic (American) Racism Theory

Hereditarianism: a progressive research program

Physiognomy: a field ready for scientific revival

The many lies of Ben van der Merwe

Bayesian statistics for environmentalists

Data mining Erowid to study drugs

Replies to Birney, Raff, Rutherford & Scally

Media darling scientists

The Psychology of Politics (1954) by Hans Eysenck (review)

It's not Lewontin's seed metaphor

Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought by Jonathan Rauch (review)

IQ blogs collections (2019 October)

Political bias in science: quotes from Gunnar Myrdal's 1944 book

Scientific misconduct by ancestry/country

Time preferences and national IQ

No Swedish refugee miracle: large negative net contributions of immigrants

Measuring antisocial behavior well

Economic impact of immigration: A Nordic perspective (Screencast lecture)

Replies to Taleb

Unfinished Wikipedia FAQ on IQ etc.

Book review: The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect (Judea Pearl, Dana Mackenzie)

More than total brain volume deep: modern neuroscience of race

New paper out: Global Ancestry and Cognitive Ability (PNC study)

Politics from text -- not so easy?

New paper out: book review of Lynn and Becker's The Intelligence of Nations (2019)

National IQs from GRE, GMAT, TOEFL et al

Arab engineer IQ?

Massive Danish sibling study confirms Charles Murray's findings

ISIR 2019 talk: Machine learning psychometrics

Noah Carl crowdfunding online

Article out: First Names, Cognitive Ability and Social Status in Denmark

Persians and Parsis

New paper out: Filling in the Gaps: The Association between Intelligence and Both Color and Parent-Reported Ancestry in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997

Recent reviews in animal breeding (2019)

Immigrant IQ gains by generation: evidence from PIAAC

FAQ for "Cognitive ability and political preferences in Denmark" Kirkegaard, Bjerrekær, Carl (2017)

On Nazism and Jews

"a kind of social paranoia, a belief that mysterious, hostile forces are operating to cause inequalities in educational and occupational performance, despite all apparent efforts to eliminate prejudice and discrimination"

The 'attitude-achievement paradox'

Death by affirmative action: race quotas in medicine

The northwest-southeast cline in Europe and the brain

Up to date introductions to psychology, stats, and genomics -- 2019 March

Direct estimate of between group heritability with estimated polygenic scores

Before PISA and Binet

Extreme phenotype colorism

Of cats and dogs and men

Thou shall not cite Richard Lynn

Psychology of the unthinkable (Tetlock et al 2000)

Paige-Harden, Turkheimer and the psychometric left

A partial test of DUF1220 for population differences in intelligence?

The amazing stereotype accuracy of sex differences in movie genre preferences

Defense against the psychometricians

Sample size hypocrisy - Stuart Ritchie edition

FAQ for Dunkel et al 2019 Ashkenazim polygenic score for intelligence

Updated 23andme results (2019-01-22)

What you can't say: genetic group difference edition

The WORDSUM question

Environmentalists like admixture analysis too (until they don't)