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Some ideas about formalizing questions and answers

The Myth of Morality and carelessness

Kennethamy on the difference between human and person

Explicating reliability

Norman Swartz on realism about abstract objects

ACB on appealing to authority and a minimum level of understanding

Careful with that equivocation, Eugene!

Identity and personal identity

An argument against traditional monotheism

Interpretation of “always”

The analytic principle of questions

Primary truth bearers, none of them?

Quote: Archibald A. Hill (maybe)

Worth reading: Mark Twain, "The Awful German Language"

The sentence theory of truth bearers – problems with cognitively meaninglessness and logical implication

The principle of unique location

Infallible knowledge, the modal fallacy and modal collapse

Dialogue - Kennethamy and Emil

Beliefs as secondary truth bearers in a pluralistic proposition theory

Sentences as secondary truth bearers in a pluralistic proposition theory #2

A justification principle about logical implication

The sentence theory of truth bearers – the problem of ambiguity #2

Sentences as secondary truth bearers in a pluralistic proposition theory

Truth bearers

The sentence theory of truth bearers - the problem of ambiguity

Psychological and epistemic certainty

"Stop raping language!"

Work in progress...

“More desirable” and “less undesirable”

Quote: George Burns

Stephen Law and Nigel Warburton's "Five Questions About Clarity"

Quote: "jeeprs"

Semantic Analysis and meaning

Paul Ziff's Semantic Analysis and Onomatopoeia

Logical interpretation of subjects, the utterer and the utterance situation

Quote: Paul Ziff

Negating sentences in english

Frege and anti-semitism

Quote: Albert Einstein

New page: Constructing truth tables - Filling in the wff's

The current king of France, propositions, sentences, and missing subjects

Language, the modal fallacy and the symbolic representation of a conditional

The Present Progressive and “to see” etc.

The Present Progressive and time

Moron of the day: Jacqui Dean

Quote: Bertrand Russell, Problems of Philosophy

Using propositions as variables

Explicating epistemic possibility

Book review: Possible Worlds, Norman Swartz, Raymond Bradley, 1979

Download: Philosophical books en masse!

Article ads: "The Future of Copyright", Rasmus Fleischer; “The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution.", Peter Biddle, Paul England, Marcus Peinado und Bryan Willman

Being a good intellectual

Re: Beliefs and probabilities 2

Quote day

Re: Beliefs and probabilities 1

Assertion and inference rules

The many ways

Sidewalk god...

Kiddie porn...

An appeal to skepticism about reasoning

Physical impossibility and ought implies can

The dispositional account of belief and an infinite number of beliefs

Quote: Bertrand Russell

Torrentfreak article: "Independent Film Company Responds To BERR Consultation"

“But you don't know that you know that!”

Induction, deduction and the lack of justification

Human rationality

Book available: The Web of Belief

Valid arguments, contingent truths & forms

Complete arguments

Validity and necessary truths

Truth tables and necessary truths

Quote of the day: Jake "Leaf" Greenleaf

Logical impossibilities

Some modal fallacy whine

Definition of 'a probability'

Two ideas for torrent clients

Ad: Courtroom Quotations

Language, truth makers and truth guides

Grammatical conjugation with verbs

Implying a category error

Oscar Wilde - Intentions

Sound arguments and rationally convincing arguments

Stone-paradox – revised and explained

XKCD’s NP-Complete

Induction and a probability formula

Some different deterministic theses

Worldviews and mistaken beliefs, a paradox

Meaning, propositions, category errors

Modal logic formalization, multiple kinds of possibilities

The recent controversy about Hume's Maxim against justified belief in miracles

The term non-sequitur

Discussions on the internet

"The War on Sharing: Why the FSF Cares About RIAA Lawsuits"

Belief, disbelief; agreement, disagreement

Two kinds of certainty

Why something rather than nothing? An argument for the necessity of a something-world

Motivation, reason, the impossible

A journey into possibility land

Contraries and contradictories

Swartz' "Philosophy as a Blood Sport"

Does a sound LPoE establish that god is impossible?

Atheism/Theism and Agnosticism - Definitions

The Onion: Are violent video games adequately preparing children for the apocalypse?

Objective propositions?

The universe is made of failium!

Tough modal logic formalization

JTB+ and the first person perspective

A quick argument for the principle of simplicity

Dangerous anti-sex addiction, DASA

Response to Cartesian's case for broad theism

Incomplete propositions, time parameters

The source of … and definitions

Quote: David Hume

Knowledge as a kind of belief... maybe

Formal debate: third and last round

The modal fallacy

Formal debate with Wiploc: Second round

Formel debat på FRDB: The logical problem of evil