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Berkeley lecturer tries to get students to push anti-Trump POV on Wikipedia, gets indefinitely banned instead

Jews and IQ/race research

National chess skill: European culture, intelligence

"one of the authors had previously conducted academic research with unethical behaviors"

Twin control studies really are evidence of causation: reply to JayMan

Pedophilia and related traits

About that blog: Italian IQs, Lynn IQs, brain size and doctors

No special sex-linked inheritance of cognitive ability/intelligence (except for a few rare disorders)

Spearman's extended hypothesis

Evolution and imperfect mediators

Stats dump October 2017

Shockley's 1980 interview with Playboy

"This manuscript addresses a politically sensitive issue that I would prefer not to include in Frontiers in Evolutionary Sociology and Biosociology."

The end of anonymity in the crowd is near

Sources of bias in science (comments on Tara McCarthy interview 2017/09/11)

Battle of the sexes: island survival edition

The US Black-White cognitive ability gap in 1850, 1870 and 1900 censuses

Acquiring immigrant scores on the Belgian military test? Nope, denied for unexplained 'ethical reasons'

Trying to force academics to apologize for reporting official employment statistics

Some more reviews for our PING paper

What exactly is the value of psychotherapists?

Estimating the polygenicity of traits: an update

Health dysgenics: a very brief review

Women and computer science: a no-brainer

WHO on genomics and health, 2002

2 years of bugged screenshotting in Mint / Cinnamon

Herrnstein's famous 1971 article in The Atlantic

Why the race and intelligence question is still not resolved

Large scale sex, race etc. discrimination studies: what do they show?

Workers are people too: review of We wanted workers (Borjas)

Austrian economics: worse than expected -- Review of Democracy, the God that failed (Hoppe)

ISIR 2017 Montreal - poster + poster talk

Free trade: yay or not? (Review of Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace It and Why)

Getting Logitech G502 to work on Linux Mint 18.1

Race and exam pass rates (data dump)

There's a lot more to the Mendelians

Regression Modeling Strategies (2nd ed.) - Frank Harrell (review)

New paper out: Admixture in Argentina (with John Fuerst)

Against CFAR

LessWrong, MIRI etc. meltdown

The race and intelligence question is solvable

Top influential books – 2017 edition

Science and politics: USA edition

Rise and fall of empires: genetic version?

The many contributions of John Fuerst

The sampling problem with meta-analyses of Jensen's method findings

Open science: historical perspectives

The FOSS fragmentation problem

On scientific consensus

AI stereotype accuracy too

Hollywood eugenics and actual eugenics

Do you hate Python's range() and want to use R's seq()?

On crackpottery (or why I don't think I'm a pseudoscientist)

Comments about my interview with Thinking Ape (2017-04-06)

Strong publication bias in early intervention studies

Another calibration test

What exactly is Human Biodiversity? - Personal view

Criticism of me and my research on SlateStarCodex's subreddit

A fifth law of behavioral genetics?

Is miscegenation bad for your kids?

Lord Kelvin on quantification and scientific knowledge

Job offer: fill in meta-analysis data

Celebrating an early female pioneer: Barbara Stoddard Burks

The neuroscience of intelligence: very preliminary because of power failure and lack of multivariate studies

Number of siblings vs. total fertility rate

European produced culture

The Polgár sisters of ... camming?

How common is perceived discrimination? Who reports/suffers it?

Comments on Gwern's Counteracting Dysgenics

The reverse time reversal heuristic?

Cognitive ability of Westerners and non-Westerners: data from the Danish military draft

Systematic approaches to learning work better than haphazard ones, probably

Nisbett's 2009 book on Intelligence: reviews

How to do a meta-analysis of Black-White IQ gap

Teaching kids philosophy to boost their abilities in other areas?

Some genomics papers I read recently

Captain Obvious Science

Exercise for depression? Evaluating publication bias in Schuch et al 2016

Trivers-Willard in humans?

Do music genres exist? An outline of an empirical approach

Cold winter theory in non-human animals

Getting personality right

Thinking about intergenerational stability of socioeconomic status

Swedish immigrant crime data from the 1980s

New paper out: Immigrant crime in Germany 2012-2015

On the validity of polygenic scores, in general and in Africans

Did a small lizard study show transgenerational epigenetics?

How many associations are causal? How can we find out?

Some simple models of US county voting outcomes

Renaming functions in R packages using roxygen2

Ending cognitive aging

Cross-validating the Human Accomplishment dataset with Wikipedia

A sex difference that won't go away and measurement invariance

Immigrant performance in the Netherlands: brief look

PSA: bugfix for the scoreIrt function in psych package, you should re-do your analyses!

Cross-national data for social desirability bias in polling