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New paper out: Genetic ancestry and social race are nearly interchangeable

Harvard's half-meritocracy

Exercise for depression: the evidence does not support this treatment

Heritabilities are usually underestimated

Wealth gains and IQ gains since Ron Unz' 2012 post

In favor of race science

Woke behavioral geneticists

Testosterone battles

Sweden finally publishes new immigrant crime rate data, which shows no surprises

Math scores for 2nd generation immigrants in Norway by country of origin

Your job, their job, and politics

The hierarchy of evidence: meta-analysis vs. registered studies

Misleading plots on secular trends and education

IQ nationalism

How to help yourself making health decisions: Cochrane reviews

State of genetic predictions: an example

p > .05 thus no effect thus familial confounding fallacies

New paper out: The Left-Liberal Skew of Western Media

ProQuest censors Mankind Quarterly: removes articles from their database

Educational interventions keep not working

Thou shallt not look at the polygenic scores

Ancient history, dysgenics, genomics, and cyclical history theory

New video out: Biotech Eugenics: Creating Future People

Comments on "The Inheritance of Inequality" (Bowles & Gintis, 2002)

Seeds of Science: another free to publish attempt at reforming the scientific publishing process

Bryan Caplan's Open Borders book: considerations

The 'Hereditarians bad people' objection

"There’s been no biological change in humans in 40,000 or 50,000 years."

Reference group effects, shifting standards

New paper out: The Negative Religiousness-IQ Nexus is a Jensen Effect on Individual-Level Data: A Refutation of Dutton et al.’s ‘The Myth of the Stupid Believer’

Against anogenital distance

Vaccine transhumanism

That 2005 study on IQ and marriage by sex

Polygenic euphemisms

Hiding sex differences: not a myth

COVID vaccine and fertility: no need to worry (June 14th 2021)

Book review: The Fight for our National Intelligence (Raymond Cattell)

Book review: Science Wars: Politics, Gender, and Race (Anthony Walsh)

Book reviews: Apocalypse Never (Michael Shellenberger) and Unsettled (Steven E. Koonin)

New paper out: Intelligence and General Psychopathology in the Vietnam Experience Study: A Closer Look

Fluoride, good for your teeth, not bad for your brain

PhD students aren't what they used to be either

New paper out: County-level USA: No Robust Relationship between Geoclimatic Variables and Cognitive Ability

New video: Are There Complex Assortative Mating Patterns For Humans?

East Asian ability tilt and ideographic written language

John O’Sullivan’s First Law: All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing

I,Hypocrite appearance: Race & IQ Debate Prep w/ Emil Kirkegaard

Book review: Why Trust Science? (Naomi Oreskes)

Who's afraid of the big bad data?

Meta-compilation of HBD related materials

Book review: Kevin Mitchell's Innate: How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are (2018)

New paper out: Country of Origin IQ and Muslim Percentage Predict Grade Point Average in School among 116 Immigrant Groups in Denmark

Different researchers, same dataset and questions: what happens?

"the claim (of substantial difference in mean) is currently not based on strong evidence"

New video out: Country Well-Being: National IQ Vs. Time Preference

"Genes, Brains, and Intelligence: What’s New?" in AmRen

Long form interview in The Postil Magazine

Gregory Clark videos

Book review: The Great Reset (Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, 2020)

The 30x (actually 25x) problem

Backstabber Brennan knifes Scott Alexander with 2014 email

Scott Alexander on the isolated demand for moral rigor and genetics

Recent evidence on dysgenic trends (February 2021)

How closely related is your spouse?

African self-esteem and narcissism

Tech solution to tech totalitarianism

23andme's updated algorithm: January 2021

Scott Lilienfeld memorial site

Substack - a revival of blogging culture / blogs to read in 2020

Goals and forecasts for 2021

Missing Arthur Jensen videos: money if you can find them!

Scoring my 2020 predictions

2020 in books