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Cold winters theory: a summary of the evidence and replies to objections

Italian economic inequality explained by cognitive inequality

Drug users vs. drug abusers

Economics research is mostly untrustworthy because economists cheat so much with the statistics

The dimensionality of politics

The status of Phil Rushton

Philosophers and reason: more logic, less socialism

A theory of Ashkenazi genius: intelligence and mental illness

Racial diversity: does it matter? How do we know?

Reader survey 2022 results

Does vaping shrink your balls?

What's the right dose of democracy?

African IQs and mental retardation

Secular changes in race differences in height: a mystery

Substack 1st anniversary, statistics, reader survey, and a new video

Variance explained is mostly bad

National intelli... basic skills!

What has feminism done for women?

Research credibility and group differences

Does honey actually work against coughing?

Who supports biotech eugenics?

Andrew Sullivan not allowed to tweet the wrong science

Book review: What We Owe the Future, 2022, by William MacAskill

In Sweden, talking about race and intelligence will get you a fine

Who's attacking Asians in USA? The perennial push to hide crime statistics

New paper out: The Intelligence Gap between Black and White Survey Workers on the Prolific Platform

National intelligence really is the best predictor of economic growth

Social status bias in science: a dissident perspective

Nathaniel Weyl: collected works

Older fathers bad, paternal age effects vindicated?

Who's prejudiced? Who's a conspiracy theorist? Sampling bias in social science

The persistent denial of the intelligence meritocracy: Gary Marks

Who wants to die for globalists?

Substack vs. Magazines: growth

Neil deGrasse Tyson, not much of an astrophysicist

Sam Harris, not much of a neuroscientist

Collected works of Robert A. Gordon

Cognitive and income inequality: the relationship that wasn't

The worldwide prison rates mystery

How many people get arrested?

56 GB of Emil

African IQs using only age heaping data

Buj (1981) is probably fraudulent and shouldn't be used

The Mensa fallacy

13/52 is out, 3/18 is in

African IQs without African IQs: it's complicated

The signal and the noise in meta-analysis

R for machine learning and other stuff

Book review: At Our Wits' End (Ed Dutton, Michael Woodley, 2018)

"public policy never necessarily follows from scientific findings", yes and no

Why can't we prevent or cure hangovers?

Will the real Emil please stand up?

Psychotics are bad, anti-psychotics are good

Italian north-south genetic differences confirmed

How unreal is long-COVID?

New study out: Admixture and Social Status in Chile

So Le Pen didn't wen

Unnatural hair color really is a danger zone marker (new study out)

New study out: Will Intelligent Latter-day Saints and Smart Conservatives Inherit the Earth?

Brain size and intelligence: 2022

Affirmative action at the Intelligence journal (Elsevier)

Men like vs. women like

New study on the effect of university education on political views in the UK

Ancient eugenics confirmed

Big Tech censors the Buffalo shooter's manifesto

The origins of cold winters theory

The genetics of mental illness

Interview with Ideas Sleep Furiously

Political deletionism at Wikipedia

New video out on the Dunning Kruger effect, of lack thereof

What do 0/10 scales mean?

Heat and the great balls decline

"positively motivated to help all of humankind"

Those unwanted results from the Ontario’s Mathematics Proficiency Test

IQ's by university major from SAT's

People do not overestimate their romantic partner's IQ by 30

Small children are not particularly creative

Forecasts for the 2022 French election

How bad is the Hungarian democracy? A quantitative approach

What have we learned from the 2022 education GWAS?

IQ can be increased by more education but can intelligence? Does it matter?

Witty&Jenkins 1936 confirmed and debunked

Male hair loss treatments: I think they work

New paper out: Europeans Have Larger Testes than Sub-Saharan Africans but Lower Testosterone Levels

How many people can solve this kind of problem?

More waves in longitudinal studies do not help against sampling error

Supersize me failed replication. Well sort of.

The Unz compositional data fallacy

Loving your family members too much

Ukrainians in our countries: what are we getting, what can we expect?

Scientists should be allowed to recommend their own peer reviewers

Are vaccines bad for infants?

Should you get off Twitbookgram?

Science Outside The Overton Window - Interview with Alexandra Kaschuta

Secular genetic-phenotype paradoxes: the Flynn effect and beyond

Vaccine viral hormesis

Wordcel before it was cool: verbal tilt

Book review: Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy by Richard Hanania

How bad is low level lead poisoning? Probably not that bad

Who doesn't want the COVID vaccine?

The art of skeptical statistics

Book review: David Sinclair - Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don't Have To (2019)

Higher impact factor journals have lower replicability indexes

The big Black patent decline, or how not to use composite datasets

Mental illness and intelligence: the relationship is negative

The Norwegian Hjernevask (Brainwash) series (2010)

The conservative advantage in mental health keeps replicating

Basics on hereditarian thinking about genotypic means

Immigration economics for economist dummies

Too many women in the wrong places: Norwegian navy edition

The Bird paper, and hereditarian predictions

Authoritarianism and fertility: maybe, probably

Do something else for Denmark

The indoctrination effect of universities: overstated

Understanding that race realism meme

Helmuth Nyborg interviewed for his 85th birth day

New paper and video out: The Negative Religiousness-IQ Nexus is a Jensen Effect on Individual-Level Data: A Refutation of Dutton et al.’s ‘The Myth of the Stupid Believer’

Scoring my forecasts for 2021

2021 in books