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More about seasteading

Review: How to start your own country (Erwin S. Strauss)

Review: The One World Schoolhouse (Salman Khan)

Paper: Musical beauty and information compression: Complex to the ear but simple to the mind? (Nicholas J Hudson)

Proposal: A graphical tool to explore relationships between academic papers

Review: The g Factor (Arthur Jensen)

Paper: Intelligence and semen quality are positively correlated

Paper: Biological Sex Differences in the Workplace: Reports of the End of Men Are Greatly Exaggerated (As Are Claims of Women’s Continued Subordination)

Review: Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science (Alan Sokal, Jean Bricmont)

Exam paper on negations

Negation in English and other languages (Otto Jespersen, 1917)


Alan Sokal ebooks

Ebook: The One World Schoolhouse - Salman Khan

The sad state of filosofy of science regarding IQ and race?

Spouses - which one is the smartest?

Interesting paper: Logic and Reasoning: do the facts matter? (Johan van Benthem)

Review: Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Richard Feynmann)

Thoughts about Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet (Assange et al)

Ebook: The Blank Slate (Steven Pinker)

Paper: AGAINST PHILOSOPHY: WHY PHILOSOPHY GETS NO RESPECT; A TAXONOMY of philosophy & A REVIEW of the successes and failures of 20th Century academic philosophy & RECOMMENDATIONS for the educational re-engineering of academic philosophy departments (Z

The low quality of psychology as a field, and how to improve science: reading material

Paper: Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter the Public Domain?: Empirical Tests of Copyright Term Extension (Buccafusco & Heald)

Steven Weinberg: “Against Philosophy” (from “Dreams of a Final Theory”).

Paper: “Positive” Results Increase Down the Hierarchy of the Sciences

Foot Voting, Federalism, and Political Freedom (Ilya Somin)

Art Jensen's 1969 article: How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?

Conversation with Miao about guidance, selection of students, epistemology of getting rid of bad meme complexes

Another case of someone who intuited the modal fallacy early on?

A conversation about pseudoscience, psychoanalysis, clarity of language

Review of The 10000 year explosion (Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending)

Review of Real Education (Charles Murray)

Review: Linguistics, an introduction (William McGregor)

Some metafilosofy

Various 23-10-2012

Review and thoughts: Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences (Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, 2012)

Some links and quotes

Thoughts about Ashraf and Galor (2012)

Review of Let's End Our Literacy Crisis (Bob C. Cleckler)

Review: Particle Physics, A very short introduction (Frank Close)

Some quick notes about a more expressive quantification logic

"The naturalistic fallacy" as used in the science literature...

Review and thoughts about The g Factor (Christopher Brand, 1996)

Review of python book and some other thoughts

The redundant use of "myself", "personally", and perhaps others

Something about certainty, proofs in math, induction/abduction

An alternative way to calculate squares.. without using multiplication

Boldrin and Levine's new paper: The Case Against Patents (2012)

Some more stuff about KK-principle

Incomplete formal proof that the KK-principle is wrong

Estimating sex intelligence difference based on high-IQ samples?

Education, autodidactism, etc.: Another Wikipedia trip

Funny stuff goes here

Decent paper i read on nuclear power

Unfinished paper: An evolutionary theory of the origin of same-sex sexual acts based on social bonding

Mining data from OKCupid: using OKC’s questions as an IQ-test

Learning - theory and practice

Some thoughts about the principle of compositionality

Just world bias and karma

Another linguistics trip on Wiki

A small thing about enumerative induction #2

Pun #398284

A small thing about enumerative induction

If u can read this, u can read anything...

Asimov, anti-intellectualism (more Wiki quotes)

Some quotes from Every Thing Must Go (Ladymann, Ross, and others)

Wikipedia on contraception, abortion, and everything in between!

Thoughts and comments: Is psychology a science? (Paul Lutus)

Quotes, links, comments 15-08-12

Thoughts and quotes: Against Intellectual Monopoly (Boldrin & Levine)

Quotes and thoughts: Deliberative Democracy and Political Ignorance (Ilya Somin)

Quotes and comments: Knowledge about ignorance: New directions in the study of political information (Ilya Somin)

Some quotes from Giving Debiasing Away: Can Psychological Research on Correcting Cognitive Errors Promote Human Welfare? (Scott O. Lilienfeld, Rachel Ammirati, and Kristin Landfield)

DMCAs - its time to game the system

Review of Patent Failure (James Bessen & Michael J. Meurer)

Various quotes and comments

Some parafilias (Wiki quotes)

Review of and thoughs about "Fooled by Randomness" (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

Thoughts about Freakonomics

Einstein on operationally defining and measuring simplicity

Esperanto blog

Wired: Alt Text: Cleaning Up the Olympics, Genetic-Engineering Style

I have been studying nuclear power...

Big Five's Openness to Experience and declicious correlations (yummy!)

More research is paving the way for gamete selection, not just embryo/zygote selection

Report: Copyright and Innovation: The Untold Story (Michael A. Carrier)

John Graham-Cunning on Charlges Babbage's machines, and other things

Razib Khan on blog culture and comments (again)

Review of Philosophy, a very short introduction

Review of 100+ (Sonia Arrison)

Ars Technica: WikiLeaks calls for donations, dares Visa/MasterCard to shut them down

Regarded Avaaz and the Peter Sunde petition

Wikipedia and criticism of evolutionary psychology

Pirate Bay proxy via Wordpress

Sign the petition for Peter Sunde!

Interesting paper on The Swedish Model with regards to prostitution

Zygote/embryo selection eugenics is nearing

Two reports about drug legislation that i read

Wiki quotes 01-07-2012

Video: how do microwaves work?

More fines to TPB people

So.. i stumbled upen some random feminist study... and decided to take a closer look

Some random things that i read recently+thoughts


Some Satoshi Kanazawa articles + thoughts

More Wikipedia stuff+more

XKCD: Alphabet

Thoughts about SEP's Vienna Circle + Logical Empiricism

Thoughts about "Why night owls are more intelligent"

Study: Simpler writing associated with judged intelligence and quality

Suggested reading material about intelligence research for newcomers

Keeping up to date with information and news with RSS feeds

Personality psychology, five factor model and online tests

Some Wikipedia links and remarks to them

Ebook collections, some links and thoughts

Geniuses, very high IQ people, science generalism

Men, attractiveness ratings and women who look like they are easy to get to bed

Chess and intellligence, how does it work?

Ebook: Fooled by Randomness (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

Are u very smart and want a free genome sequencing?

Something about rationality

Acceptance of evo psych claims and evolution - negative correlation?

Thoughts about Diablo 3


Thoughts about: Criminology (11th ed., Siegel)

Reading material about: evidence-based policy

Some thoughts about Richard Lynn

Dunning Kruger effect, again

Wiki links of interest

A modal fallacy in linguistics

Thoughts about: A very short introduction to quantum theory (John Polkinghorne)

Ebook: Graham Priest - Introduction to non-classical logic

Regarding 'black studies' and the academic left's crazy political correctness

Thoughts re. Relativity, a very short introduction (Russell Stannard)

Fallibilism and noncontingent propositions, how to mix?

Review of The Case for Copyright Reform

Its puny time

Thoughts about polymathy

Thoughts re. A very short introduction to The Elements (Philip Ball)

Re. Thinking in foreign language makes decisions more rational (Ars Technica)

Thoughts about: An Introduction to Language (Fromkin et al)

Models of the most recent common ancestor

Minimum virable human population size?

Sweden's crazy social experiment with gender

Thoughts about bogus and or pseudoscientific educational/intelligence theories

Thoughts about SEP's Naturalism

/lit/ on poetry

More on pomo nonsense

Review of: The Manipulated Man (by Esther Vilar)

The power of sexual selection: Asian eyelid surgery and other stuff women do

On being right and avoiding being wrong

Thoughts about the Sherlock series and other series with very clever protagonists

Methods for discovering which language is the hardest to learn

Re: Why Would You Remove Half a Brain? The Outcome of 58 Children After Hemispherectomy—The Johns Hopkins Experience: 1968 to 1996

Paul Graham on philosophy

Quotes from Nyborg (ed.) The Scientific Study of Human Nature (

Proposal for a free, open source Magic the Gathering alternative to Magic Online

I want to get into philosophy, where do I start?

Quote: /lit/ anon on female writers

Peer-review again


What the author meant, what the teacher tnhinks the author meant...

Quote from: Everyday Life as an Intelligence Test: Effects of Intelligence and Intelligence Context

Review of Jeffrey Dhywood's World War-D

Review of Psychology Applied to Modern Life: ADJUSTMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY

Descartes joke

Beneficial effects of expore to nature

Recent paper about democracy and self-assessment/Dunning-Kruger

Sex difference in hygiene

Nationalism, patriotism - difference?

Alcoholism and LSD

Vocab size of non-native english speakers by country

Very high IQ and drug use: a mystery?

Lawrence Summers speech which got him fired

Proposed method for estimating how much a person has read using an electronic library

Revue: No Safe Harbor (2012)

Biesikl helmets, saefty and lors Britisk matematiker starter stort oprør mod dyre tidsskrifter

IQ (verbal and math) per university disiplin

3D-printing and kopyriet

Mor on postmodernism

The David Nutt afaer

Review of New Spelling

Raes and intelijens/IQ/g

Towards a logic of questions and answers

Piratebay's publik staetment

Quote from Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy (1976)

Statistics for 2011

Tenure, publish or perish etc.: reeding material

Inter-disiplinarines, polymathism and jeneralism

DOTA, HON, LOL, Demigod... AoS, DOTA-ish, MOBA, wat?: A konseptual jenre analysis

Sum interesting TED torks about energy

Graet reeding about herisy, open-miendednes, eksentrik thinking

Siekieatry, again

Guardian: The US schools with their own police

Do u want kids with bad eyes?

Kimerik humans and the imune sistem

Santorum is nuts

Proposal for a Wikipedia-based studi of adult actreses kognitiv abilitis

The French languaj