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Money and crime: the relationship that wasn't

If cities are bad, why do people move there?

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Supreme Court, Supreme Issues

Measurement error and group differences explained

Why woke? What to do about it?

Fertility questions: the role of population density?

My conversion story, or a brief autobiography

The role of censorship in science

Taking the human extended phenotypes seriously

Heritability, within and between groups

What if somewhere, someone used to look at their polygenic scores?

Personality and politics of 263 occupations

Youtube talk: Who Will Fight For Their Country Now?

National "learning-adjusted years of schooling"

How much time should children be forced to spend in school?

Sasha Gusev won't answer basic questions about his beliefs

Palestinians in your country: what to expect?

Carl Brigham on intelligence (1923): a fake quote

Not just dysgenic outcomes, but dysgenic intentions too

Blogs I'm reading: September 2023

Personality structure problems

Interview with me by Hitchslap on intelligence, polygenic scores, behavioral genetics and more

Does aspartame cause cancer?

Jan-Erik Lönnqvist vs. Emil Kirkegaard on mental illness and the left

New study out: Income and Education Disparities Track Genetic Ancestry

Ancient genomes discussion with Davide Piffer & Emil at Lake Como

The other Anglo exceptionalism

How to make psychology items (questions) with ChatGPT4

Measuring intelligence online: best practices

Polygenic score validity and group differences

Ancient genomics AMA with Davide Piffer

Skill vs. luck in games

The dream of ratio scale psychology measures

On Paul Bloom's Psych (2023)

Can psychology become a proper science?

Might makes right, well, sort of

Of course it matters whether group differences are genetic in origin

Can the X chromosome explain greater male variability? Seems not

Embryo selection can become the norm

Hostile sexism is live and well, but mostly in favor of women

Is the past the future?

Scientific productivity by country

Fall of the Roman Empire, polygenic score edition

New paper out: Honesty, Intelligence, and Race

Eulogy for Richard Lynn (1930-2023)

Preferences can be sick: mental illness from an evolutionary perspective

Music preferences 2023

Oliver D. Smith gets his day in City Journal

GDP problems, but what solutions?

A plethora of evidence for genetic influence of American race-ethnic gaps in intelligence

Lynchings were bad but of little importance

Which occupation are you?

What are the most important human biodiversity books?

From riches to rags to riches

What are the race differences in sexual behavior?

Cannabis probably causes schizophrenia

Hanania's diversity hypothesis tested and found wanting

Gentlemen prefer faces, or how life history speed relates to body preferences (new paper)

Which test has the highest g loading?

Some people have IQs of 160

In defense of hereditarianism: a reply to Friedman

3 new Youtube lectures (May 2023)

Can we pick the best sperm?

Actual communism is bad for your health

How to find scientific literature

African IQ's: reality vs. Kareem Carr

New study out: Intelligence Inequality and Income Inequality

Heritability, race, and police bias

Rorschach tests predict stuff

Book review: A Short History of Humanity: A New History of Old Europe by Johannes Krause

Support Bryan Pesta's academic freedom lawsuit

Is some alcohol good for you?

Convenience samples are fine because interactions are mostly not real

AI, MRI and the legal system

IQ estimates of public intellectuals and personas

Modern neuroscience confirms race differences in brain size and functioning

Killing Hollywood and Youtube and

Cui bono and science

Group differences are just individual differences, really

The EA case for (German) colonialism

New study didn't really show IQ declines*

New paper: On group differences in the heritability of intelligence: A reply to Giangrande and Turkheimer (2022)

Does tutoring work? It depends on the test

Social media, mental health, and political polarization

Brief introduction to test bias in mental testing

Obesity and the secular decline in testosterone

It's not just sperm quality decline

There is no IQ threshold effect, also not for income

2022 in books

Conservatives aren't stupid*

Prison rates as function of family income by race

New paper out: Intelligence Really Does Predict Job Performance: A Long-Needed Reply to Richardson and Norgate

White on Black vs. Black on White rape statistics

Who is safe from Pakistani groomer gangs?

Incompetent police

Homosexuality is a mental illness

Are fat people dumb?

The distribution of attractiveness

Interactive statistics: breeding's equation AKA regression towards the mean

Rationality and the fair sex

Does school make students kill themselves?

High heritability does mean that social interventions likely won't work well

The thick end of The Bell Curve

Smart fraction theory vindicated

The infant simulator fiasco

Forecast results for 2022 (Metaculus)